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Royal Wedding

I did not think it was possible to surpass the royal wedding which took place in Windsor last Saturday.  If, like me, you watched every minute soaking up the atmosphere, admiring the outfits and listened to the very wise words delivered by Bishop Michael Curry who gave an uplifting message of hope and love (not to mention the excitement as we saw the first glimpse of Megan’s dress!)

Unfortunately, I did not get an invitation to Megan and Harry’s wedding, but I did get an invite to Foundation’s royal wedding! Foundation Stage could not have looked smarter this morning.  The ushers greeted us with the Order of Service and a warm smile.  The sun was shining (just like on Harry and Megan’s special day). 

All the congregation were dressed in their finest attire and looked fabulous.  Reverend Jane led the wedding ceremony (and did assure us Harry and Amy weren’t really getting married!). 

The children sat beautifully and listened to the service which was full of love and happiness.  The children have absolutely loved preparing for this very special day – from making the invitations to baking the cakes – they have been involved in every stage of the preparations.  They have also learnt an awful lot about the Royal Family in the process. 

If you have any questions regarding who’s who in the Royal Family – ask Foundation Stage!



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