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British Values Days

At the start of 2018 St Wilfrid’s completed a whole school project looking at British Values. These are:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect and tolerance of other faiths


When looking at British Values, Year 4 focussed on Democracy.  To begin with, we considered what democracy is and related it back to when we voted for our Pupil Voice.  After learning a little more about how democracy runs in our country, we debated whether children should be allowed to vote (we all had differing and very interesting ideas).  We then wrote a speech as if we were campaigning to be the next Prime Minister – many of us included our views on education, money and what we would do to further improve our country.  We then created individual pieces of art which we will bring together to show that in democracy, we all have different opinions, we all have our own voice, but in being different, in using our own voices we all create a place to live which is based on working together.


Mutual Respect

The focus for Year 5 was Mutual Respect.  After defining what the term meant, we looked at different ways we can show respect in the home, at school, in our community, with ourselves and with each other.  We discussed different scenarios where respect may or not be shown and thought about how we are all different but we must respect these differences in order to live in one world.  We then used inspiration from art work by Kandinsky to incorporate five of the main religious symbols into a piece of art, using the colours of the British Flag.



Year 3 looked at the Rule of Law and what this means in our society.  We talked about why it is important to have rules and laws to follow.  To highlight this, we created a display of police officers painted in the style of Matisse or decorated with oil pastels.




Year 2 looked at themes of Tolerance of Others and Mutual Respect.  We linked this to friendship and how we treat others in school.  We each made a promise that in 2018, we would be the best friend that we could be.  Ideas included always allowing others to play with us, trying out new games and even widening our friendship groups.  We hope that Year 2 have some very enjoyable playtimes this year.

Year 1 looked at Tolerance and Acceptance and we linked this to friendship.  We discussed how to be a good friend and accept everyone, no matter what they look like or believe in.  We looked at the story of Ally the accepting alligator.  Ally was kind and brave because she encouraged all of her animal friends to accept everyone, regardless of their differences.  We acted out some scenarios and identified if they were being a good friend or not a good friend.

Foundation have been learning about the importance of Accepting Everyone no matter what we all look like, we are all different but we all belong.  We listened to a story and then worked together to create a class display.  We all talked with our buddies about how we are different but we can all be friends.  

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