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Design and Technology encourages children to think creatively to solve problems both as individuals and as members of a team. At St Wilfrid’s, we encourage children to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. Children will create a range of structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems and food products with a real life purpose.

Through a broad, challenging and progressive curriculum, we will equip them with the knowledge and skills to explore, experiment, invent and create while encouraging them to become innovators and risk-takers.

We want to ensure all children can describe how things work and talk about what they like and dislike when designing and making. They should be able to select appropriate tools and techniques for making a product, whilst following safe procedures and understand how different products and processes have contributed to our society in the past and how they will continue to do so in the future.


Our DT curriculum is delivered using the KAPOW scheme of work where children develop their skills through a variety of practical and creative activities in designing and making products. They will access all elements of the DT Curriculum including textiles, mechanisms, structures, digital and electronic systems and food technology and all units begin with an enquiry question, meaning children immediately know why they are designing, who for, and under what parameters.

There are three main core activities children will engage with in Design and Technology:

1. Activities which involve investigating and evaluating existing products.

2. Focused practical tasks in which children develop particular aspects of knowledge and skills.

3. Designing and making activities in which children design and make ‘something’ for ‘somebody’ for ‘a purpose.’

4. Reflecting and evaluating their final products.

The record their ideas, sketches, photos, jottings and design sheets in their DT books and then have the opportunity to reflect and evaluate at the end of each unit. Using the correct vocabulary is key in technical subjects such as Design and Technology so teachers will reinforce new vocabulary in all lessons and children are expected to use the correct terminology throughout their units. All activities are planned so that children build upon prior learning and are increasingly challenged as they move through school.


Children will leave St Wilfrid’s with the knowledge and skills needed to design and produce a wide range of products but still with the creativity and freedom to make their final version unique to them. They should be able to recognise the important role design and technology plays in our lives and how this has developed over time. Children should feel empowered to execute their own ideas and designs, based on an initial enquiry and have an awareness of their end user, the environment and sustainability. By using a rich vocabulary they will be able to discuss different products and techniques and reflect and evaluate on their own and other’s creations.

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